Market Capitalization
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
10 000 000 SREUR
SREUR stabilisation on exchanges
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The Company
SOCIALREMIT BLOCKCHAIN NETWORKS LTD is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has offices in Spain, Malta and Latin America
SocialRemit is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools based on blockchain and positively impact society through the associative economy.
SocialRemit aspires to build decentralized autonomous platforms of high efficiency, betting that the participating community gets involved in the projects it finances.
The mission of SocialRemit is to provide you with a platform where they can become true agents of social change.
How SocialRemit Works?
Build blockchain algo-trading models
Algo-trading, or algorithmic trading, lets you safely trade day and night. Our algorithms in development are meant to take in multiple variables, scenarios, and previous statistics to best determine how to keep currency moving between hands.
Why & How?


The collective sales of IEO are a relatively young investment model that, however, is developing rapidly. The purchase of tokens represents a high risk for any taxpayer, there are some risks that investors can face and there is no guarantee of profits.



The "EaD" tokens are essentially membership certificates throughout the platform network of the company SOCIALREMIT BLOCKCHAIN NETWORKS LTD (Stock1Wise ltd "S1W", Okay Money Transfer ltd)


Tokens of SocialRemit

The output value of the "SocialRemit" tokens will be 1 Euro at the time of release in the different exchangers at the end of the IEO, which may increase or decrease its nominal value.


Liquidity Internal Tokens (EaD)

(Internal Liquidity Fund) and abbreviated with the name "EaD" with the nominal value of 1 Euro will be for internal use as a form of payment of all services offered by all SocialRemit Blockchain Networks LTD platforms.

In times of extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, SREUR is born a stablecoin that allows it to guarantee the security of its investments, avoiding sharp fluctuations in the market price.


A mathematical algorithm connected to the exchangers ensures that the quote price is always maintained at 1 SREUR = 1 EUR



Due to its stability, the SREUR currency is particularly useful as a means of payment and savings. Unlike cash, it can not be lost or damaged.



SREUR is bought with BTC, ETH and the main Altcoins of the market in the main cryptocurrency exchange houses of the market

OkayMoney Transfer
OkayMoney Blockchain Technology
Okay is a system of electronic transfers with Blockchain Technology that innovates the principle of transferring and converting existing currencies. Wherever you are in the world.
Our big challenge is to implement our payment system easy, reliable and totally safe.
Our electronic payment system is 100% reliable, much more than going to a cashier
Sending money abroad is expensive because of the hidden fees.
The banks proclaim "free transfers", "0% commission". We will actually give it to you.
Stock1Wise (S1W)
The Stock1Wise platform ("S1W")
Stock1Wise (from now, “S1W”) is creating a global platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies and Crowdfunding Tourist Real Estate (real estate investments) based in a Blockchain technology model.
Our goal is to provide an easy entry into the world of Tourist Real Estate Investments.
The acquisition of a home for a tourist rental has become an investment option increasingly.
The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is that no other asset class has decentralization.
On the contrary, cryptocurrencies benefit from being a decentralized network.
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